Conscious conditioning

If traditional workout regimes and CrossFit-esque programs are leaving your joints inflamed and your body compressed, it might be time to change up your fitness strategy.

Our fascia conditioning fitness program, otherwise known as Conscious Conditioning, works with kinetic and cinematic motion. 

Using our GST technologies, we teach you how to stretch, lengthen and strengthen your fascia. Classes are rigorous, but you'll be left feeling loose, open, flowy and strong.

From the high-performing athlete to the fitness enthusiast, our Conscious Conditioning program is the holistic, whole-body workout that you've been looking for!

You can join this class in three different ways

  • Body Care Program

    A 14-day curated program designed to get you started with Conscious Conditioning

    14-Day Program $29.99

  • Monthly Subscription

    Monthly subscription that gives you access to our specialized, rotating Conscious Conditioning content on demand

    Monthly Subscription $10.00

  • Skin-To-Soul

    Skin-To-Soul is a full access subscription to all GST classes, including Movement Medicine, Conscious Conditioning & Althea Aging

    Full Access $20.00

Start your fascia conditioning journey today!