I was always the girl who committed fully to New Years resolutions. It made me feel new, fresh, hopeful, inspired for the future and most of all different.

We all have an impulse to be different, somehow MORE. It’s part of our nature.

We often allow ourselves to listen to other peoples voices, to society’s secularism and materialism, we are drawn outward away from ourselves risking inauthentic lives. “I need to be thinner, prettier, more successful. I am not and my dissatisfaction confirms I’m not “attracting” the life I want, not “aligned” to the universe.” So we resolve each new year to be different.

How long does this last? Until February…maybe.

Resolution wasn’t the right term for me anymore. After my 2019, which was arguably the hardest year of my life, I have decided to set New Years Evolutions – active steps to become better at struggling. Rather than letting the flames of life burn me, I am choosing to allow them to separate my dross and refine me.

Resolution sees struggle as a negative sign that we are not living up to the “ideal” and so we resolve ourselves and begrudge additional effort for change. Evolution embraces struggle as the essential element for a better, more improved self.

New Years Evolutions allows for ultimate confidence in the human – you are sturdy, you are strong, you can handle life. Evolution says let your struggle and hardship make you more: more full, mindful, hopeful, respectful, joyful as well as more kind, compassionate, and focused on caring for others.

If we learn to listen deeply to the presence in us and cultivate a deep personal truth, the impulse that drives us toward change and becoming something different will direct us into more of who we are meant to be.

My prayers and meditations for 2020 are strength, courage and assurance for whatever life brings. May we all hope and strive for the ability to cultivate deep joy despite our struggles and evolve into higher ways of living.

I am looking forward to sharing more of this beautiful journey with you this year.

Love and light,
Anna Rahe