Looking at Back Pain: How is your work posture the same as your crunches?

Looking at Back Pain: How is your work posture the same as your crunches?

Have you ever stopped to think – there isn’t a board or organization like the FDA to regulate quality and motions of exercise and fitness programs? We think all movement is created equal and is good for the body. That is as crazy as thinking “ any food is good for the body” . We know this isn’t correct. There are foods that are bad for you and can even slowly kill you. And there are exercise moves that are bad for you.

Let me give you an example – perhaps one of the most egregious of all. Check out the photos included. I am gonna start with something we know is bad for us and then illuminate it in our workouts.

Everyone knows that the slouch all day computer posture is bad for the body. People mostly complain about muscle aches and spinal pains but the impact of this bad posture goes much deeper.

Here is a short and not at all extensive list of other more damaging influences of slouching.

  • Mechanically loads the diaphragm and adrenal glands causing a sympathetic body response which is why anxiety and low energy often mark our days.
  • Sympathetic stimulation shuts down brain cognitive function lowering our task efficiency
  • Slouching tightens and restricts diaphragm and compresses the Vegas nerve responsible for all our organ motility (movement) impacting digestions, hunger signals, nutrient extraction and system metabolism.
  • Sitting all day squooshes our lungs and impinges oxygenation to our cells increasing oxidative stress.

What makes this bad is the duration our bodies have to endure this type of sitting, we spend 90% of our waking hours in this position.

So look again at the pictures and see how the sitting postures is exactly the same as the body shape we use to train our core and have nice abs.  They are in different relationship to gravity (one is vertical one is laying down) but the shape is in the exact same very bad for you position.

The exercise version however is far worse fo you why?  what makes the exercise version worse is that while the sitting is rather passive core exercises are aggressive and engaged with effort. This means you’re increasing the bad impact of this position by using greater resistance and effort which puts a bigger “dent” of tightness and tone into the muscles making them more ridged and stuck like this after your done doing your ab work.

We have been sold a bill of goods that our back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain knee pain all comes from having a weak core.  This is a lie.  Our sit all day and work out the core efforts is hurting our backs but even more importantly hurting our bodies.

My Suggestions:

  1. Begin to evaluate your workouts for bad ingredients. This usually comes in the form of the mechanics (the way your body machine moves).
  2. Stop doing ab work entirely. Especially crunches laying on a ground.

DO IT DIFFERENTLY:  Find core work that takes the spine and rotates its bends it and moves it dynamically. Start standing before laying on the ground.

And if you need more ideas and information visit our Body Talk blog for new innovation and advances in biomechanics that heal the not hurt the body.

Spring Cleaning

Hey – 

I miss connecting with you. I imagine your life is very full despite all the restrictions we have been living under for the past year and this often makes me feel disconnected. 

If you’re anything like me, you may be feeling a need for some motion in your life but can’t seem to get it out. The static, heavy energy that has collected from our day to day restrictions is showing up in our emotions, feeling depleted, uninspired and maybe even downright depressed.  I am right with you.  Nothing feels more oppressive and congestive than a lack of motion. Without motion, you can’t feel clear, light or free.

The benefits of motion on our health are well documented but do you know why moving your body makes you feel so much better?  The simple fascia answer is that movement is a metabolic process the body uses to detox the static tensions in our cells and tissues that bind up our bodies and minds.  Fascia is responsible for this metabolic process taking both mechanical (weight) tension and chemical (emotional) tension and gets rid of them through animating its fibers which produces our body motion. 

Even I find myself sinking into a more sedentary life as a result of covid. Sedentary life creates sedimentary conditions in your tissues which are toxic. Fascia works like a snow globe that when it sits for too long, the once light and dancing snowflakes collect heavy on the bottom. Fascia without dynamic animation becomes heavy and weighs not only our bodies but our hearts and minds down too.   

Just today I thought of how I need to find lift- something to bring me up and out of where we have been.  And so I set aside a mere 30 min to do focused GST for me, not teaching it to others, but receiving the gift of GST for myself like I did so many years ago. And it was literally magic- practical magic. Could it be you’re feeling the same need for a little practical magic?

If you haven’t tried GST this might be a good time to shake your globe. I can honestly say that there is nothing out there that feels like GST or provides what GST does. GST is a one of a kind body experience that is effervescent, illuminating, and that gifts a literal body high by creating inner space and lightness of being. This is because GST actively metabolizes stresses by animating, stirring, opening and eliminating chronic static tension from your cells and fascia tissues. 

I have heard GST compared to the Mari Kondo technique of home decluttering. WIth GST you clear out your body, removing and letting go of static septic tensions that you have collected from stress.  So perhaps you’re overwhelmed by pressures that weigh down on you?  Perhaps you want to reorganize your inner tensions, clear out sedimentary emotional muck that has gotten stuck inside? Or maybe you just want to feel lighter and more hopeful after all this restriction.

I encourage you to come experience GST and shake your globe to create the lift that can elevate your body mind and spirit.  Come join me and our other amazing GST teachers in our weekly GST classes. Sign up here: https://gstbody.as.me.

In light,

Anna Rahe


How fluent are you in your body’s language?

When I watch most people move, it’s like watching a 2 year old draw with Crayola makers. Big and bold and totally uncoordinated.  Most people are completely body illiterate. Not listening nor paying attention to the extremely sophisticated nuances your body is communicating to you and wanting you to hear.  Since we don’t know its language, we are bad listeners oftentimes shouting back at it for what it isn’t doing or how it’s not looking right.  It is a good and noble effort amidst the negative body messaging we are bombarded with to claim to love our bodies, but to truly love your body is more than saying so, more than skin deep. (more…)

Gift of Experience

This came through the conscious movement of my body today during class. I wanted to share it with you- please try it. Gifts of experiences are 99% more soul satisfying that gifting things.


No equipment? No problem!

If you’ve been thinking of signing up for a Zoom class or the Online Studio but have been hesitating because you don’t have GST equipment, this guide is here for you to help guide you through some common creative substitutes that you can use to help you do GST online. (more…)

Automation vs Animation: Balancing Tensions of Vital Living

What if we took the body as a template for life and learned our lessons by understanding and intentionally using the laws and mechanics of nature that govern the body and life? What if process looked simply like a fun sport or play? A painting of motion on the canvas of space? What if our bodies were the real reflection of what is happening on the inside?

What if body and being were in symmetry?


Fascia Wisdom for Dealing with COVID-19

I haven’t been able to bring myself to write to you because, quite honestly, I have not known what to say.  I am sure you’re feeling it- the weird space COVID-19 has created, between the eerie tension of apprehension and disbelief.  It is truly surreal.

I find myself now more than ever leaning on many life lessons GST and fascia have taught me. I believe these are important to how we will process the next few weeks and months so I wanted to share them with you.


New Years Evolutions

I was always the girl who committed fully to New Years resolutions. It made me feel new, fresh, hopeful, inspired for the future and most of all different.

We all have an impulse to be different, somehow MORE. It’s part of our nature.

We often allow ourselves to listen to other peoples voices, to society’s secularism and materialism, we are drawn outward away from ourselves risking inauthentic lives. “I need to be thinner, prettier, more successful. I am not and my dissatisfaction confirms I’m not “attracting” the life I want, not “aligned” to the universe.” So we resolve each new year to be different.

How long does this last? Until February…maybe.

Resolution wasn’t the right term for me anymore. After my 2019, which was arguably the hardest year of my life, I have decided to set New Years Evolutions – active steps to become better at struggling. Rather than letting the flames of life burn me, I am choosing to allow them to separate my dross and refine me.

Resolution sees struggle as a negative sign that we are not living up to the “ideal” and so we resolve ourselves and begrudge additional effort for change. Evolution embraces struggle as the essential element for a better, more improved self.

New Years Evolutions allows for ultimate confidence in the human – you are sturdy, you are strong, you can handle life. Evolution says let your struggle and hardship make you more: more full, mindful, hopeful, respectful, joyful as well as more kind, compassionate, and focused on caring for others.

If we learn to listen deeply to the presence in us and cultivate a deep personal truth, the impulse that drives us toward change and becoming something different will direct us into more of who we are meant to be.

My prayers and meditations for 2020 are strength, courage and assurance for whatever life brings. May we all hope and strive for the ability to cultivate deep joy despite our struggles and evolve into higher ways of living.

I am looking forward to sharing more of this beautiful journey with you this year.

Love and light,
Anna Rahe

GST Body Presents: “Stop Being A Poser” Workshop

Good posture is essential for the body to look good and function optimally. But the current ideas of posture need to be evolved.  A few things to consider:

  • Posture: comes from the word “position”. The human body is never and should never be statically posed (i.e. chest out, shoulders back, neck long, hips just so). Good posture by this definition is impossible to achieve and is actually bad for your body.
  • Solid Core: has been associated (incorrectly) with good posture. Solid core principles and practices compromise human physiology and do the opposite, damaging the physiological benefits of good alignment.  
  • Alignment: is a term for the organization of parts for efficiency of use.  Alignment in the body is so very important to efficiency of body systems. Better alignment of a mechanical device improves the ease of operation, simultaneously decreasing wear and tear. The better aligned your body is, the less wear and tear (effects of aging) on the body systems that are keeping you alive and making your life vital.  There are many ways to organize things in your body…keep reading!
  • Fluid Dynamics:  The body is not a solid, it’s 55-70% water. The material that builds the body and holds it together, fascia, is 70% water!  Additionally, when fascia is exposed to the effects of gravity, it behaves and moves like a fluid!! Fascia is dynamic and uses different principles for organizing body alignment.
  • Tensegrity: is a principle of organization based on dynamic tension in a structure.  Since the body is always moving- cell, tissue, organ, system, and organism- fascia creates dynamic alignment through tensegrity, the integrity of tensions in motion.

Come and join us for a revolutionary eye opening experience of exploring the new paradigm of GST Body’s Fluid Core Dynamics™ and how to create vital alignment through fascia tensegrity, to support the whole body- form and function.

This 3 hour workshop will teach you:

  • Your true dynamic core- the entire spine and not just your abdominals!
  • How to recondition current core tensions that are affecting your body and are negatively experienced as symptoms of neck and shoulder, low back and fibromyalgic type pains and other systemic issues including digestive complaints.  
  • How to use and power the lever of your spine correctly with continuum mechanics.
  • How to move your spine and strengthen it dynamically through full body motion.
  • How to find open space and freedom inside your body which feels so good and is so good for you.

Join Anna Rahe on Sunday, June 9 from 9 am-12 pm for this special workshop! $120, at GST Body, 7562 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 90046.

Make sure to sign up here in advance to reserve your spot!

An Atomistic Body

An Atomistic Body

Atomistic: adjective.  at·om·is·tic | \ ˌa-tə-ˈmis-tik \.  Definition: composed of many simple elements; also : characterized by or resulting from division into unconnected or antagonistic fragments.

The human body is complicated, seriously complicated.  So complicated in fact, that professionals and doctors have had to specialize in specific areas of focus.  And we are grateful that we have specialists.  We need them.  But as with everything, there is a liability in relying on specialists.  They have taken such a narrow scope of study that “they” or the field they are in becomes isolated and unable to give context back to the larger, more holistic perspective.


Lifestyle Liabilities

Lifestyle Liabilities

Our lifestyles pose a constant threat to our bodies. We are surrounded by forces that apply stress on us. From physical forces like gravity to the cellular stresses of environmental toxins, and even to the emotional strain of careers and other responsibilities, our bodies are working hard for our survival.  Often we feel that we are victim to these stresses rather than being in charge of them. The goal of body care is to find options and create choices in order to balance the effects that these lifestyle liabilities place on us.


Principles of GST® Body Care

Principles of GST® Body Care

Body care must first and foremost be a lifestyle.  It cannot be a fad or a new year’s resolution. It can’t be a drudge and a responsibility that has to be taken care of . It has to be a desire, a delight.  Whatever the initial motivation, body care becomes a relationship and a kind of passion- that’s right; not obsession, but passion.