This came through the conscious movement of my body today during class. I wanted to share it with you- please try it. Gifts of experiences are 99% more soul satisfying that gifting things.

Inhale a deep cool breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the cool vapor wash over your mind refreshing its contents. Exhale all the static tensions that might bind you.

Inhale- taking in air, filling your lungs with life. Exhale- wash away any residue that restricts and confines you.

Inhale- let your ribcage open so you can live with heart. Exhale- be comforted by the openness that fills you.

Inhale- let your ribs expand and pull wide into a smile. Let that smile move up to your throat, mouth and sides of your temples, drawing your spirit into joy. Exhale- any sorrow contained in you.

Inhale- let your breath lift you. Let your eyes trace and follow the vapors of fresh air, focus your insight upward so you may always look for higher realities: truth, beauty, goodness and love.  Let your thoughts flow through your mind collecting a list of all the gifts you’ve already been given…. the real gifts that really matter.

Then find the list of gifts you want to share with others, the intangible gifts of yourself, your skills talents, love and ways to manifest this if your life being of service to others.

May you live embodied sharing the gift of who you are during this holiday season and every day that comes.

Merry Christmas- With Love ❤️