Our latest Featured Online Class is a brand new 30 minute class sequence that will introduce you to the many ways we’ve been experimenting with using a light weighted bar in our classes!

This 30 minute class will take you through some stretches and slower movements with the bar before progressing to more continuum movement.

You can use either a 5 lb or 10 lb weighted bar for this class.  If you have any upper body injuries or excess tension, we recommend starting with a 5 lb bar.  However, if you are used to using a lot of weight or want to focus on building more strength, you can try the 10 lb bar.  Either way, make sure to listen to your body and adjust if the weight feels too heavy.  You can purchase your own weighted bars on Amazon.

The best thing about this class sequence is that it can be a stand alone 30 minute practice, or you can easily incorporate it by adding your fave GST at-home or on-the-go exercises.

Try it out here and let us know what you think!

CC: 30 Min Weighted Bar Stretch and Flow