Spring Cleaning

Hey – 

I miss connecting with you. I imagine your life is very full despite all the restrictions we have been living under for the past year and this often makes me feel disconnected. 

If you’re anything like me, you may be feeling a need for some motion in your life but can’t seem to get it out. The static, heavy energy that has collected from our day to day restrictions is showing up in our emotions, feeling depleted, uninspired and maybe even downright depressed.  I am right with you.  Nothing feels more oppressive and congestive than a lack of motion. Without motion, you can’t feel clear, light or free.

The benefits of motion on our health are well documented but do you know why moving your body makes you feel so much better?  The simple fascia answer is that movement is a metabolic process the body uses to detox the static tensions in our cells and tissues that bind up our bodies and minds.  Fascia is responsible for this metabolic process taking both mechanical (weight) tension and chemical (emotional) tension and gets rid of them through animating its fibers which produces our body motion. 

Even I find myself sinking into a more sedentary life as a result of covid. Sedentary life creates sedimentary conditions in your tissues which are toxic. Fascia works like a snow globe that when it sits for too long, the once light and dancing snowflakes collect heavy on the bottom. Fascia without dynamic animation becomes heavy and weighs not only our bodies but our hearts and minds down too.   

Just today I thought of how I need to find lift- something to bring me up and out of where we have been.  And so I set aside a mere 30 min to do focused GST for me, not teaching it to others, but receiving the gift of GST for myself like I did so many years ago. And it was literally magic- practical magic. Could it be you’re feeling the same need for a little practical magic?

If you haven’t tried GST this might be a good time to shake your globe. I can honestly say that there is nothing out there that feels like GST or provides what GST does. GST is a one of a kind body experience that is effervescent, illuminating, and that gifts a literal body high by creating inner space and lightness of being. This is because GST actively metabolizes stresses by animating, stirring, opening and eliminating chronic static tension from your cells and fascia tissues. 

I have heard GST compared to the Mari Kondo technique of home decluttering. WIth GST you clear out your body, removing and letting go of static septic tensions that you have collected from stress.  So perhaps you’re overwhelmed by pressures that weigh down on you?  Perhaps you want to reorganize your inner tensions, clear out sedimentary emotional muck that has gotten stuck inside? Or maybe you just want to feel lighter and more hopeful after all this restriction.

I encourage you to come experience GST and shake your globe to create the lift that can elevate your body mind and spirit.  Come join me and our other amazing GST teachers in our weekly GST classes. Sign up here: https://gstbody.as.me.

In light,

Anna Rahe


Gift of Experience

This came through the conscious movement of my body today during class. I wanted to share it with you- please try it. Gifts of experiences are 99% more soul satisfying that gifting things.


New Years Evolutions

I was always the girl who committed fully to New Years resolutions. It made me feel new, fresh, hopeful, inspired for the future and most of all different.

We all have an impulse to be different, somehow MORE. It’s part of our nature.

We often allow ourselves to listen to other peoples voices, to society’s secularism and materialism, we are drawn outward away from ourselves risking inauthentic lives. “I need to be thinner, prettier, more successful. I am not and my dissatisfaction confirms I’m not “attracting” the life I want, not “aligned” to the universe.” So we resolve each new year to be different.

How long does this last? Until February…maybe.

Resolution wasn’t the right term for me anymore. After my 2019, which was arguably the hardest year of my life, I have decided to set New Years Evolutions – active steps to become better at struggling. Rather than letting the flames of life burn me, I am choosing to allow them to separate my dross and refine me.

Resolution sees struggle as a negative sign that we are not living up to the “ideal” and so we resolve ourselves and begrudge additional effort for change. Evolution embraces struggle as the essential element for a better, more improved self.

New Years Evolutions allows for ultimate confidence in the human – you are sturdy, you are strong, you can handle life. Evolution says let your struggle and hardship make you more: more full, mindful, hopeful, respectful, joyful as well as more kind, compassionate, and focused on caring for others.

If we learn to listen deeply to the presence in us and cultivate a deep personal truth, the impulse that drives us toward change and becoming something different will direct us into more of who we are meant to be.

My prayers and meditations for 2020 are strength, courage and assurance for whatever life brings. May we all hope and strive for the ability to cultivate deep joy despite our struggles and evolve into higher ways of living.

I am looking forward to sharing more of this beautiful journey with you this year.

Love and light,
Anna Rahe

Recommended Reading List, Part I

Recommended Reading List, Part I

Looking to deepen your body consciousness?  Here are some older books that I recommend to help you on your journey.  Stay tuned for more recommendations, too!

An unique approach to Astrology and Kabbalah, and its effects on destiny.
Cosmic Navigator: © 2008 Gahl Eden Sasson, Weiser Books San Francisco.

An in-depth look at the body through kinetic communication and touch.
Job’s Body – A Handbook for Body Work: © 1998 Deane Juhan, Station Hill & Barrytown Ltd. New York.

For Women by Women.
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – Creating Physical and Emotional Health & Healing: © 1998, 1994 Christiane Northrup, M.D., Bantam Books & Double Day Dell Publishing Group, Inc. New York, New York.

Beyond the deep, A HIGHER look at the body.
Esoteric Anatomy- The Body as Consciousness: © 1998 Bruce Burger., North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California.

The greatest gift of womanhood.
Taking Charge of Your Fertility- The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement and Reproductive Health, 10th Anniversary Revised Edition: © 2006 Toni Weschler, MPH., HarperCollins Publishers, New York, New York.

Welcome to our new and improved GST® blog!

Welcome to our new and improved GST® blog!

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be bringing you a new and improved GST blog as part of our newly updated website!

With written content about GST straight from its creator, Anna Rahe, as well as other body tips, interesting info, and things like your favorite tunes from our GST classes, we hope that this blog will be a place to help you expand on your body knowledge and awareness in order to deepen your GST journey.

Stay tuned!