For 2020, we’re celebrating evolutions, not resolutions (if you missed Anna’s letter yesterday, check it out here).  As part of that, we’re proud to bring you a brand new way to get started with GST at home with our GST Introductory Programs!

We have distilled GST into three 14-day immersive programs to introduce you to the GST experience based on your interests and your body’s needs. The program consists of unique daily rituals and activities designed to teach you how to activate your fascia and synch it with your body’s natural rhythms. When you sign up for a program, you will receive a program guide and access to a corresponding video library.

The best part is that these programs are just $29.99 and are designed for beginners to GST or people who have done GST but want to start to do it at home. Some of the videos do use minimal GST accessories, but they are not required. In fact, one of the very first videos will walk you through creative alternatives so that you can get started now.

Movement Medicine Program:

The new and improved Online Studio is a great way for people to get started with GST!  The Skin-to-Soul Subscription is an all access pass and our new platform is focused on videos that use little to no equipment so that anybody can use it, whether they’re trying GST for the first time, or just exploring how to get started at home.

Conscious Conditioning Program:

Is designed for the aesthetic, athletic, and ultra performance enthusiasts. It introduces the preliminary exercises that demonstrate how fascia-focused movement is different from and superior to other fitness methods. You will enjoy all the benefits of exercise without the strain and work.

Althea Aging Program:

Is designed to address the degeneration, inflammation and dehydration as that accelerate body aging. This program invites you to building a lasting relationship with your body by learning about the best, most supportive wellness practices for your health and longevity. No matter your age, GST Althea Aging will make you look and feel younger.


Do you have questions about the best way for you to get started with GST? Contact us now!