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No matter how old we are, we are all aging.  The question is, how fast. And how can we slow it down?  In the same way that early use of sunscreen can help prevent wrinkles, it is possible to protect your fascia from the wear and tear that causes systemic aging throughout the body.  The first signs of total body aging are usually experienced as pain. Similar to skin damage, fascia doesn’t start expressing pain until a lot of damage has already been done.

So how old is old? If you’re in pain, 30 is old. However, the younger you are when you start conditioning your fascia, the more you’ll be able to slow down the aging process. Even if you’ve already begun to see and feel the effects of age, you can still help the body restore itself to move and live pain-free for the best years of your life.

The GST technology for fascia Anti-Aging is truly one of a kind.  There is nothing like it available anywhere else — now or in the near future.

The benefits of GST Fascia Anti-Aging include:

Structural Benefits:

  • Increased muscle strength, tonality and flexibility
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Strengthened cranial caudal (head tail) connectivity involved in all daily activities, including stairs, lifting, sitting and standing
  • Decreased osteoporotic conditions
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Functional Benefits:

  • Increased synovial fluid production to restore joint function
  • Decreased joint inflammation and pain
  • Increased total body system metabolism
  • Prevent age-related weight gain
  • Improved lymphatic and vascular fluid flow
  • Inhibit toxic adrenal/cortisol “stress” related to cellular degeneration
  • Promote endorphin response for calm and relaxation

 Aesthetics Benefits:

  • Restructure total body tissue tension to combat fascia gravitational and emotional “pulls” on facial muscles, the cause of deep lines and sagging
  • Enhance collagen and elastin related to fascia  and facial structure

Fascia plays an essential role in metabolic process for restoring movement and therefore health. Because of what fascia is and how it functions, it is the building block from which all health is generated.

What people are saying about GST Anti-Aging®

  • I hurt my back repeatedly. I also struggled with debilitating headaches I attributed to my deafness (the result of a viral infection I had when I was 10) that also affected my balance and coordination. I sought to alleviate my back pain by following my wife’s suggestions that I try Pilates. For fourteen years I exercised twice a week with Pilates. It kept my back problems at bay, and I felt stronger but saw no improvement with my headaches and coordination.  After studying GST I rarely, if ever, have headaches any more. My balance and coordination is remarkably better than it has ever been—opposite to what usually happens at my age. I was also able to find my body’s own rhythm, something I had lost, along with my semi-professional career as a cellist, because of my degenerative hearing.

    Robert Hall
    Robert Hall
  • GST transformed my body and changed my life. Although I had been physically active for many years, first as a semi-professional martial artist and then as an actress, my body problems had taken their toll. I had issues walking, sitting and standing and eventually had to have 2 hip replacements. Because of my challenging frame, joint problems, back issues and a couple of bio-mechanical hip joints, it was difficult for me to exercise and rehabilitate. I have seen of all kinds of professionals and body workers over the years. Most have tended to work on me rather than with me. Anna Rahe truly partnered with me in my healing process, and together, through GST bodywork and movement technique, we created the pathway for me to reclaim my body and the miracles that lie within

    Jan Probst
    Jan Probst

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