If you already follow us, then you’ve likely heard the news that we were recently featured on an episode of “My Number One”, a podcast from Nancy Hower.  Nancy interviews friends about their number one healing experience and then tries the modality out for herself, documenting the experiences in her podcast.  We were lucky to be mentioned by our old friend and student Dina Platias, whose interview sent Nancy our way.

Nancy came into the studio one Sunday for a class with Stefanie where she met one of our long time students, Alan, who described how GST and working with his fascia helped him with a mystery ailment.  Nancy herself found GST to be a game changer and sat down with Anna Rahe to learn more about how and why Anna developed GST.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can listen to Episode 10 – GST is FASCIA-nating of “My Number One” here.