Time washes over us all in a steady process we call aging.

This is simply the gradual loss of the body’s cells and systems ability to efficiently optimize function, performance and restorative processes. There’s nothing too scary about it until we’re in pain – then suddenly, it can be terrifying. Pain is the first sign of total body aging, so it’s often what reminds us that we aren’t getting any younger. When it happens, our relationship to our body zooms to the forefront, and usually it’s only then that we scramble to do something about it.

When it comes to fascia and aging, the sunscreen rule applies: The earlier you start using it, the better, but the systematic wear and tear you experience can be slowed down and protected through a few essential elements that protect, provide and prevent damage to your fascia.


Althea is a Greek verb meaning “to heal”. It perfectly encapsulates the health approach we take to aging. We’re taught to fear it, to be afraid to get older, to cover it up with potions and pills. Instead, we should be as obsessed with our workouts, movements and behaviours and how those affect our aging. The fitness industry at large isn’t talking about aging and, in fact, promotes fascia damage and accelerated aging through inaccurate body repetition and compartmentalized, mechanical movement.


Since fascia influences all the other fluid systems of the body – from cardiovascular and pulmonary to lymph and nervous – hydration and movement are musts to the fluid transport, cell nutrients and detoxification you need to age well. Without them, fascia becomes dehydrated, calloused and exposed to unfiltered, undiluted force and excessive tissue friction which causes more damage. Head to GST Conscious Conditioning to read more about movement and to GST Hydraulic Health to read more about hydration as mandatory elements to fascia support.  


As kids, we can naturally move through 300 anatomical movements, but by adulthood we’re only down to about 30. It’s unreal what we let happen over time and how we let our brain to body wiring start stiffening when they’re engineered to move together.

As we age, what’s really determining the cognitive health of the mind isn’t the brain, but the major movement feed communicated to your mind from your fascia. Just using the mind to fix the mind (i.e. crossword puzzles) is not the answer – fascia is. When we move, our fascia receives sensory experience and sends all of that information into different parts of our brain and, simultaneously, our brain is programming itself in the exact representation of how the fascia is moving based on the constant feed it’s being given. 


Vitality is a gauge of how much life force you have (measuring someone’s vitals is a literal test of vitality) and how efficient your body is at regulating the energetics of all your systems. At GST, we harp on the relationship between hydration and motion because your vitality depends on both to produce energy.

It all comes back to, “How do you feel? How alive do you feel? How vital do you feel?” These are great gauges of how well you’re aging.


GST Althea-Aging applies across every decade.
In your 20’s if you want to truly start investing in foundational practices to carry you through life.
In your 30’s if you’re beginning to feel a little stiff and a little pain but aren’t sure why or what’s setting in.
In your 40’s if pain is starting to make you feel older than you are.
In your 50’s if you aren’t interested in slowing down and want to keep moving and youthful.
In your 60’s if you’re beginning to really feel the years and might be taking pain medications
In your 70’s if you need some repair
In your 80’s if you aim to keep living healthy independently and comfortably.
In your 90’s and beyond, if you want to stay a kid at heart and keep playing in motion.

Whether or not you’re in acute pain, you can still erase the sharp jabs and dull aches of life at any age through GST Althea-Aging.


The design of GST Althea-Aging is meant to protect fascia from the damaging effects of modern living that lead to wear-and-tear and decreased vitality.  As the body’s energetic system responsible for energy regulation and overall vitality, GST Althea-Aging works exclusively with the hydroelectric components of fascia and its influence on all other body systems of flow.  If you’re experiencing aches and pains, brain congestion or depression, your body might be expressing signs of dehydration and aging. GST Althea-Aging is exceptional at supporting all levels of total body hydration to help you age gracefully.   

In our sessions, we use the holistic nature of fascia to focus on how it interfaces with every other system. The experience encourages gentle strength by working on all fluid systems and orchestrating all into symphonic motion. It’s surprisingly energizing, revitalizing and addictive, while the fluid play makes you feel alive!


“I hurt my back repeatedly. I also struggled with debilitating headaches I attributed to my deafness (the result of a viral infection I had when I was 10) that also affected my balance and coordination. I sought to alleviate my back pain by following my wife’s suggestions that I try Pilates. For fourteen years I exercised twice a week with Pilates. It kept my back problems at bay, and I felt stronger but saw no improvement with my headaches and coordination. After studying GST I rarely, if ever, have headaches anymore. My balance and coordination is remarkably better than it has ever been — the opposite of what usually happens at my age. I was also able to find my body’s own rhythm, something I had lost, along with my semi-professional career as a cellist, because of my degenerative hearing.”

– Robert Hall

“GST transformed my body and changed my life. Although I had been physically active for many years, first as a semi-professional martial artist and then as an actress, my body problems had taken their toll. I had issues walking, sitting and standing and eventually had to have 2 hip replacements. Because of my challenging frame, joint problems, back issues and a couple of bio-mechanical hip joints, it was difficult for me to exercise and rehabilitate. I have seen all kinds of professionals and body workers over the years. Most have tended to work on me rather than with me. Anna Rahe truly partnered with me in my healing process and together, through GST bodywork and movement techniques, we’ve created the pathway for me to reclaim my body and the miracles that lie within.

– Jan Probst