GST Body’s Fascia Technology


Maybe you have heard of fascia — it is a trending topic in many body care fields.  Most popular associations with fascia are manual massage techniques like Rolfing and foam rollers at the gym or studio. But here are some things you may want to know.

Your body is constructed and organized by this fabric like material.  It is everywhere inside us and holds the matrix of our body together. It’s involved in the function of every body system and is a key element in the total health of our bodies.

Fascia tissue is very sturdy but also very sensitive.  It can be easily damaged by many factors in our modern lifestyles.   You may even be damaging fascia without knowing it. Damaged fascia causes many of the body complications and complaints we suffer from.

Fascia requires precise, specific and certain conditions to repair damage in order to function properly for a healthy body.


Techniques, Methods & Processes

We spent over 20 years clinically researching, studying and developing our proprietary technology, designed specifically to address the unique requirements of fascia. Our GST Fascia Technology® is a collection of:

  • Techniques for manipulation, restructuring and neural reprogramming
  • Methods that address categorical and chronic body conditions
  • Processes to re-educate, restore and reintegrate fascia according to its systemic influence


  • Removes tissue calcification and adhesions
  • Restructures tissue form and shape
  • Restores tissue suppleness
  • Re-educates tissue behavior and habits
  • Re-animates tissue function

The foundation of all of our products and services


GST MOVEMENT MEDICINE® is our product line for the pained and injured body in need of relief and rehabilitation.

GST’s Movement Medicine is designed specifically to address chronic pain, injury and musculoskeletal diseases. Our manual (hands-on) and movement therapy techniques are highly successful at addressing and healing complex and chronic body concerns.


GST CONSCIOUS CONDITIONING® is our product line for the savvy athletic enthusiast who wants to look better, be stronger and live longer.

GST Conscious Conditioning is a radical new way to workout and will change your body in three ways. First, it teaches you to manipulate your own fascia in order to reshape and restructure your body. Second, it shows you the right way to use your body as you move. And finally, it answers the need for a workout that will get you fit, feeling good and looking great.



GST ANTI-AGING® is our product line for anyone who wants to look and feel amazing for a lifetime.

GST’s Anti-Aging is intended to protect the fascia from the damaging effects of modern living.  It is also exceptional at addressing the effects of aging.  For the young, it becomes a habit and way of life; for the more mature, it becomes a way to repair and restore the body.  GST Anti-Aging addresses the body’s aesthetic, athletic and advancing needs.



CREATION: GST was discovered by accident, by one person’s debilitating body pain and her unwavering belief and relentless pursuit to fix it.  She tried any & everything. Therefore, GST is infused with myriad ideas and ideals from many disciplines.  Seeking, open mindedness and growth are the fabric of GST. From experience, GST believes we are co-creators of our own bodies and beings.  GST is a living science that will constantly be in the process of creation.  It will continue to self-correct and adjust as it seeks to explore, understand and know more.

CULTIVATION: GST is transformational. It takes intention, effort and time. The pursuit of self -cultivation is a dying science and art, but a requirement of life nevertheless. As a living science, GST techniques, methods and processes mirror many aspects of life and tend to reignite the latent desire in people to pursue self-cultivation.  GST starts within the body extending outward to the self and on into the many styles of life we live.

COMM-UNITY: Every method and every movement has a unique community. However, unlike the “Ommm” community of yoga, GST is not an identity, though it is something more and more people identify with. The GST community is defined not by its uniformity but by its common-unity.

The soil of GST culture is the ever-expanding ideals born from the ideas we collect as we seek, live and change ourselves. We are open and fluid, not dogmatic and rigid.  We can’t and don’t know it all, because there is always more to know and grow.

GST culture is united by:

  • The belief that it’s better to feel pain rather than medicate it, that pain is what guides our change.
  • Fearless exploration outside convention, questioning what we are told to do and think.
  • Hopeful expectation for all possible and probable outcomes.
  • We feel, we think and we choose to BE free.


  • Anna Rahe CEO & Creator

    Anna has been a somatic and lifestyle educator for over 20 years. She’s run a variety of body studios, lectured and taught around the world and spent time on faculty at the University of San Francisco. She enjoys working with all people and bodies, ranging from professional and Olympic athletes to young children with scoliosis and paralysis. Her major joy recently is watching her toddler daughter dance with her beautiful little healthy body.


  • Stefanie Bernhard COO

    Stefanie Bernhard discovered GST early on in its development.  She has a rare gift for knowing a good thing when she sees it, so she applied herself to the study and science of GST and has been intimately involved with the company since its inception.  With her own body story of pain and physical limitations, she became a passionate teacher sharing her knowledge with others.  She is currently the COO of GST Body, and as necessary in any growing company, wears many different hats.


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